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Navigation Through Collaboration.

SWELZ® Overview

SWELZ® is a navigation app for waterways, but also so much more! It's a collaboration between all seafarers, that will give you a birdseye virtual view of you locale!

  • "Dock" Your Vessel

    Once you're connected you can see where other SWELZ® users are, what they see, and even ask them for assistance.

  • "Captain" Your Crew

    Each of your crew can be connected to your vessel, to send and receive data, making your and other's voyage much better.

  • Know Before You Go

    Find the best gas prices, boat-access, restaurants, marina prices and info, and much much more... All with reviews and comments.

  • Go With the Flow

    Constanlty track the tides, currents and windspeed, using it to navigate the most effective route to your destination.

SWELZ® Features

The SWELZ® app aims to take the guesswork out of boating and navigation. Here are just some of the features the SWELZ® app has implemented to make your life on the waterways easier and safer.

Stay Safe & Secure

Alert police or send S.O.S with just the touch of a button

Help When You Need It

Send an alert for assistance to other SWELZ® users

Gas Prices & Locations

Know the best prices. See them clearly on an overview map

Restaurants & Access

View places to eat, and know if they have a dock, all with reviews

Traffic & Routes

Know if an area is high-traffic, and the fastest route to destinations

Real Time Nautical

Know when changes in wake-zones and waterways have changed


The SWELZ® app is easy to navigate and works fast whether you're on a mobile device, tablet, onboard computer, or a combination of these between your crew.


SWELZ® gives you the ability to see what's ahead of you on the waterways, and allows you to help others do the same. Our goal is not only to make your voyage easier, but safer as well.

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